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People, Organization and Performance


POP Partners has the mission to empower start-ups, SMEs, and scale-ups in overcoming challenges regarding People, Organization, and Performance.

We specialize in assisting small companies (or big companies that are still in start-up mode) in identifying organizational bottlenecks and establishing the essential foundation of people and culture for successful scaling. 

Rather than providing a generic framework or theory with a cookie-cutter approach, we thoroughly examine your operations and understand the what-is status, and then deliver actionable solutions that can be implemented right away.


We advise clients on leveraging emerging recruiting and HR technology and concept to provide bespoke and cost-effective solutions for hiring top talent, creating the most-admired company culture, and achieving optimal team performance.

Our services encompass providing both strategy and implementation on a project or long-term basis depending on your business needs.

Talk to us if you are thinking of the following:

  • How can I delegate HR-related work to focus on my other priorities?

  • What is the most efficient and effective approach to hiring the best talent?

  • How do I build  and cultivate a great company culture?

  • What are the best methods to measure and drive team performance?

  • Where can I find an HR thought partner who understands my business without the need for a full-time senior HR hire?

More about the founder  Melody Chen.




  • Recruiting strategies

  • Recruiting operations streamlining

  • Assessment framework

  • Interview training

  • Set up a remote team

  • End-to-end recruiting support from planning, hiring to on-boarding


  • Fractional / Interim Head of People

  • Culture building

  • Employee engagement ( e.g.eNPS)

  • Performance management framework

  • People/Competency model

  • Job leveling

  • Compensation & benefits

  • Other HR related topics (e.g. Employee Handbook, policies)

  • HR operations outsourcing


Do you know that you can outsource your HR strategy and/or operations? Engage POP Partners as a consultant on a project basis, and/or to follow though and implement the solutions we create together. You could move some of your fixed costs to variable costs by working with us. Hire us as:

  • Fractional Head of People

  • Interim Head of People / Recruiter

  • HR Consultant

  • HR-as-a-service

  • Work on-site or remote

  • Retainer /Long-term engagement


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